Science At Home


Pueblo Science would like to invite you and your family to take part in Science At Home, a free live virtual event featuring experiments that your children can follow along with at home with household materials! Each activity is 20 to 30 minutes in length.

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This event is co-facilitated by scientists from  Thermo Fisher!

Good Morning Science 2018-116


Date and Time

November 14, 2020; 10:30 am EST







DNA extraction

Colours of Light

Science tricks


Please gather the following materials before Nov. 14, Saturday, 10:30 am.

DNA Extraction

Ziplockbag containing strawberry piece

Small container containing 10 mL of water

10 drops of soap

Small cup

Coffee filter

Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)

Paper towel

Colours of Light


White cardboard/posterboard (or you can glue a white paper on any cardboard)

3 items to draw 3 circles of different sizes (plastic lids, cans, drinking glass, plastic bottle cap). Suggested diameter: 2, 3, 4 in.

Coloured markers (red, blue, yellow, green, orange, violet)

String (1 m long)




Fabiola Trujano

Fabiola is a  Physics PhD student at the University of Toronto. She does computational experiments to simulate the mechanisms that create turbulence below the surface of the ocean. She is interested in finding out how these motions affect the transport of heat, nutrients, and energy to deeper layers, as well as their impact on the climate system. Fabiola is very passionate about sharing science with anyone who wants to have some fun!

Vortex Victoria

“I knew I wanted to study science to help people. Also, because Bill Nye drew a tiny circle on the screen and said “there is enough room for millions of cells in this circle”, I couldn’t believe it….so I had to find out for myself!”

Atomic Adriana

“How do asteroids come to earth? Why do leaves change color in the fall? Why is the sky blue? These are some of the questions that got me interested in science! Science helps us to understand the world. From documentaries on Netflix, to library books and courses in school, I’ve found answers to these questions and many more through studying science.”

Rob the Builder

“When I was younger I was fascinated by nature, I loved catching turtles / snakes / frogs and was always curious about the world around me. I was also super passionate about the environment & was eager to make the world a cleaner & healthier place”

Molecule Mel

 “When I was younger I became interested in science after watching Jurassic Park. It was super cool to see those scientists working in a lab. From that moment my interests have mainly been in biology and chemistry. This led me to complete university degrees in biochemistry & business. My molecules are programmed to love science & business.”


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