Volunteer Profile: Sarah Shah

Sarah is a 4th year Life Sciences student at the University of Toronto.

I just finished my final year at the University of Toronto majoring in biology for health science and minoring in psychology and anthropology. My interest in biology began in elementary school where the only class I looked forward to attending was science. Learning about cells, human anatomy, physiology and the fundamentals of life was of great interest to me. Having answers to questions like why we get sick and how all the different organ systems function systematically to keep us alive felt like solving a puzzle. My innate enthusiasm for science inspires me to share this passion with others – especially young students!

I wish organizations like Pueblo Science were a part of my educational experience as a child because it would have certainly facilitated my passion for science and furthered my interest in STEM overall. Being a Pueblo Science volunteer is a gratifying opportunity as I get to see young boys and girls discover and potentially start their academic journey in science. We discuss concepts like chromatography, polymerization, gravity, friction, robotics and many more interesting topics by relating them to simple and fun experiments.

Making chromatography buttons with kids at the Good Morning Fundraiser, Toronto November 2019.

I feel a great connection with the message and goal of Pueblo Science and what they aim to achieve by providing global STEM education in underprivileged communities as well locally within the GTA. I hope the organization continues to grow as more teachers, parents and most importantly young kids are inclined to learn about science.

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