Teacher Profile: April Locsin

April Locsin is a science teacher in Bacolod City, Philippines

I joined the Pueblo Science seminar at Ateneo de Iloilo in May 2016. I am very happy to have the opportunity to experience it. My passion in science was awakened. I am very inspired by the Pueblo Science trainers’ personality: very humble and intelligent. To do my part after the training, I enthusiastically volunteered to share what we have learned from Pueblo Science during our In-Service Training in the Department of Education. Our principal wanted us to provide insight and do activities that will make the first day of class enjoyable and exciting. My co-teachers were all fascinated and interested by the science tricks that I showed them. Our principal mentioned that if other teachers would present the way I did, the students would surely be motivated to learn. I replied that the credit goes to Pueblo Science for teaching us.

Teachers are encouraged to create their own style of presenting the lesson in a fun way to achieve the Department of Education’s goal to achieve a zero dropout rate and 100% promotion rate. Students' attendance and motivation to learn rely on how the teacher presents the lesson, teachers like me are then responsible for inspiring the students to acquire and continue the desire to finish school.I am very excited to present the lessons I have learned from Pueblo Science to my students. For sure, there will be a change of attitude among my students: they will learn that science is not a difficult subject to learn even if laboratory facility and apparatus are inadequate, instead, it is something that is enjoyable and that learning can be very effective using materials that are readily available in our community. I look forward to Pueblo Science’s next workshop in the Philippines. I hope to learn more fun-filled science activities and other science tricks. Thank you so much!

April Joy D. Locsin
Sum-ag National High School
Bacolod City

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