Student Profile: Dave Cabatingan

Dave Cabatingan is a Grade 12 student in Brokenshire College Toril, Davao City, Philippines

What is your favorite school subject?

Since I was a kid, my favorite subjects have been Mathematics and Science. I really love Science because it quenches the great thirst that is my curiosity. Aside from practical application of scientific knowledge, I like it because it is a means of unveiling the deep mysteries of the universe.

As stated by Galileo Galilei, “Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe.” I perceive mathematics as a Universal Language because it is how the cosmos systematically operates. It is challenging because of its intricacy but it is very motivating and exciting especially when you solve a difficult problem.

Dave has been a Math-Sci Quizzer from elementary to senior high school years.

Do you find learning science easy or difficult?

I found it very fun, enjoying but in some cases difficult. Science is the practical application of scientific knowledge, it requires critical thinking, being observant, curious, and being mindful of details, as well as promotion of intellectual honesty. Our quest for knowledge to address our curiosity about natural phenomena is always exciting but sometimes we we’re perplexed at some point of our learning but it is just an indicator that we are in the process of understanding.

Describe a Pueblo Science experiment you performed in class.

The Pueblo Science experiment that I performed in class is the demonstration and explanation of a “Hydrauzer”. It is a mini version of bulldozer where the concept of hydraulics is applied (hence the name!). It utilizes popsicle sticks, syringes, and water and watercolor as its fundamental components.

The experiment made me realize that there are diverse strategies to conceptualize effective solutions to our real life problems. It takes creativity, critical thinking, persistence and hard work to come up with ideas that help us learn new things more efficiently.

Have you used this knowledge beyond the classroom?

Yes, we had a competition involving different strands(sic) of the school such as the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), HUMMS (Humanities and Social Sciences), TVL (Technical-Vocational Livelihood) track, and ABM (Accountancy, Business, and Management). We represented the STEM strand and demonstrated hydraulics-based inventions.

Explaining the “Hydrauzer” to a panel of judges.

How does science play a role in your daily life?

Science plays a vital role in my life because it helps me to understand things more systematically. It prepares me to be more logical, helpful, and be a better decision-maker in life.

Superstitious beliefs are common but science abolishes it. In buying foods, you already know which of the foods are unhealthy to your body that may cause further complications and disease, this includes avoiding processed foods that contains a high amount of sodium and industrially-produced sugars which can deteriorate your health.

Performing a lab experiment during biology class.

What would you like to study after high school?

After high school, I will take up the course of Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering to become an engineer.

Class photo with our Biology instructor, Ms. Cristina Pusta.

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