Palmerston STEM Night

Part of our initiative at Pueblo Science is to spread Science awareness among the youth. On March 22nd 2018, we were a part of Palmerston Public School’s STEM Night, demonstrating physics and chemistry concepts to students at the school. Over a hundred students from grades 1 to 6 participated in activities at the event; including highly successful Chromatography and Phosphorescence demonstrations run by our dedicated volunteers, who took time out of their busy schedules in university and high school to help us reach out to the community.

Students participated in hands-on activities to explore science in a fun, engaging way. Chromatography, a common lab technique to separate a mixture, was shown to students by letting them create their own “Chromatography Buttons”. The future scientists drew designs on paper and watched as water spread the pigments in their markers across the sheet. The patterns that were formed were then pressed onto button pins, which they got to take home. The next activity was to demonstrate Phosphorescence. The students shone laser light onto a phosphorescent surface to create laser drawings. They were thrilled to see the drawings stay on the surface even after the laser light was switched off.

We would like to thank Palmerston for letting us be a part of their STEM Night. Being able to share our love for Science with the community means so much to all of us!

by: Russel Hassan