Full STEAM Ahead – Program Registration

Pueblo Science is excited to expand the scope of our e-book, Around The World Science, via our newest program: Full STEAM Ahead! Our goal with Full STEAM Ahead is to engage as many grade 4-6 students as possible by delivering live, online demonstrations of E-book experiments in classrooms and as part of our new, weekly, after-school program. In each 60-minute session, a Pueblo Science Expert will lead students through 2 E-book activities, followed by a Q&A period.

All grade 4-6 students, independent of their class’s involvement with the in-class branch of Full STEAM Ahead, are welcome to join us for demonstrations of further e-book experiments at home, 10 of which are not available as part of the in-class program. Students can also purchase a copy of the e-book for use on their own time. For more information about The E-books, or to buy a copy of either volume, click HERE. To donate a copy of The E-book to a child from a low-income family, click HERE.

Full STEAM Ahead’s after-school program will be available from April 7th to July 21st. The in-class program will be available from March 21st to June 30th. Parents, guardians, and teachers can use the forms below to register their child or class.

Full STEAM Ahead Programs