Hart House Family Sunday: It’s all about the bases (and acids)

On January 21, Pueblo Science hosted its fifth Curious Kids Love Science! event in collaboration with the University of Toronto’s Family Sundays program at Hart House. Our volunteers devoted their time and energy to create a successful event bringing joy and excitement to over 80 participants. Through a range of visual and hands-on activities, we covered many scientific fields such as biology, chemistry, and physics.

Children had the opportunity to put their creative minds to work by making their own life-sized body maps using arts and crafts supplies for modeling body parts. Family members also got busy helping children with tracing and assisting them in creating the model human body. Kids loved getting their hands dirty by making their own colourful slime while learning about what polymers are, where we find them, and how we use them. The little chemists also explored acidic and basic properties of household materials by noting the changes in the colour of the indicator, red cabbage juice, as each sample was added. Last but not least, children built and decorated their own climbing puppets and competed with each other to see whose puppet could climb up the spring the fastest.

With the help of our volunteers and the Hart House Staff, over 30 families were able to enjoy our science experiments, for which we had one of the largest attendances at Hart House. We would like to say a special thanks to Carly Stasko, who made this possible by coordinating the Hart House staff and providing us with materials for the experiments.

by Adrienn Goczi