Food & Drink

Food & Drink

Pueblo Science Fundraiser Menu

Chef Riley Bennett

Chef Riley Bennett CCC
Chef Professor
George Brown College Chefs School
Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts

Demonstration #1
Sous Vide and Maillard Reaction

‘Peanut Butter and Belly’
Roasted Ontario Peanut Foam
Pork Belly Presse
Beetroot meringue 

Demonstration #2

‘Indian Tea’veg
Spiced Yogurt Sphere
Naan Crostini
Indian Tea Drops 

Demonstration #3

Pear & Almond Frangipane Cake
Smoked bacon & cheddar ice cream



Pickled Watermelon Saladveg
Goat’s cheese mousse, toasted hazelnut and pistachio crumble

Prosciutto Wrapped Pacific Halibut
Carrot vinaigrette, candied squash, citrus fruit

Sous Vide Pork Cheek and Wild Mushroom Terrine
Green tomato chutney, raisin puree, maple and coffee micro sponge

‘End of Summer’veg
Tastes of ‘Gazpacho’
Freeze Dried Plum & Nori,
Dried Egg Yolk Bottarga


Foie Gras & Preserve Cherry Bread Pudding
White radishes, berry compote, apple fluid gel

Cocoa Braised Venison Short Rib
White bean foam, maple powder

Quinoa Crusted Goat’s Cheeseveg
Seasonal jam,  brioche crisp, meyer lemon

(liquid nitrogen will be used for ice cream and marshmallows)

Pear & Almond Frangipane Cake
Smoked bacon & cheddar ice cream

Lemon Meringue Tartveg
Vanilla bean marshmallow

veg Vegetarian Option
*Please note menu may change subject to availability of local ingredients


Bar Chef Toronto

Sailors Mojito
Beach Essence, Sailor Jerry Rum, Mint, Fresh Lime, Vanilla Syrup, Mojito Ravioli, Fresh Lime and Vanilla Air

Black Truffle
Gin, Elderflower and Coconut, Black Truffle Snow, Coconut Foam, Fresh Dill, Lime Rind

The Antique
Islay Scotch, Vanilla Syrup, Sweet Vermouth, Cacao Bitter, Atomized Flamed Essence of Tobacco

Clean and Crisp
Vodka, Muddled Cucumber, Marashino, Lillet Blanc, Muddled Basil, Orange Blossom