Make an Impact!

Testimonials from Previous Participants

This hackathon really encouraged me to explore the basics of STEM concepts to rediscover the fun of science. I had a great time building the prototype of our experiment to demonstrate how the school children would execute it.

Elizabeth Pratt, 2020

There are so many things that I liked about this Hackathon:
1. The people (organizers) 🙂
2. Great selection of healthful food and snacks.
3. Very well-organized including documentation, templates, etc.
4. Cynthia Goh's talk was inspirational.
5. Obviously, the challenge was fun.
6. Great to see everyone present their work! Such great work!!!

An unconventional hackathon that drives people to discover passion and puts their knowledge and skills to the test. We get to create real solutions for real people.

Stanley Lo, 2020

I loved that the projects had third world applications instead of just more software to be used in countries where everyone has access to a computer or smartphone. Also the mentors were very helpful.

I gained some valuable knowledge and insight from the challenge and leaders. Prof. Cynthia Goh's talk gave me a perspective I didn't see before. When creating products, there is a whole different set of things you have to watch out for when designing for a different area or people. Things like factoring in specifically for teachers that don't know nothing as well as the cultural influence that you must account for.