7 Nov

Why This Global Citizen of Canada Uses Ice Cream to Teach Kids Science

Founder and executive director of Pueblo Science Dr. Mayrose Salvador speaks with Jackie Marchildon from Global Citizen about how the organization started and where it’s heading. “I believe that science education is a long-lasting way to solve poverty and problems that the populations in those rural areas are currently facing.” To learn more about how […]


11 Oct

Introduction to the Scientific Method

by Jonathan Lau and Dr. James Li When we were young, we often asked why? or how? to understand the things around us. Why is the sky blue? Why do birds fly? How do rainbows form? Why? Why? Why? Sometimes, our stream of endless questions may irritate our parents, and the more impatient may finally […]


6 Oct

Pueblo Science Co-Founder was a Panelist at Entrepreneurship 100

Dr. Salvador was a panelist for the Entrepreneurship 100 Conversations on October 5, 2017 at the University of Toronto. The event was focused on Social Entrepreneurship and was designed was designed for current students, recent graduates, and alumni. Dr. Salvador shared hared what inspired her to launch and propel Pueblo Science to reach seven countries […]


24 Aug

Science can be fun to teach

Over one hundred (100) high school science teachers from the length and breadth of Jamaica and from the  science  disciplines (physics, chemistry, biology, Integrated science) converged on  the campus of The MICO University college for the three-day event. Teachers were awed through hands- on science activities using mainly local materials and covering some content areas […]


11 Aug

Volunteer Reflections: Dr. Alon Eisenstein


31 Jul

Raising Innovators and Digitally Savvy children at Breakfast TV Montreal

We were at breakfast TV Montreal on Thursday, July 27. Pueblo Science’s camp teaches kids how to create their own website using html and program a robot using lego mindstorm. We also show them fun and hands-on science activities including science tricks! See the clip down below:


21 Jul

Introduction to Scientific Method

by Jonathan Lau “Science is more than a body of knowledge, it’s a way of thinking.” “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” – Carl Sagan When we were small, shortly after being born into this world, we often asked “why?” or “how?” to understand things around us. In other words, from our youth, […]


14 Mar

Facebook Live with Todays Parents

To celebrate March break and Pi Day, our Educational Programs Director, Dr. Alon Eisenstein lead a facebook live event with Todays Parents Magazine! The 30 minute segment featured 5 kids doing the conducting playdough experiment. The event had over 5,300 views!


19 Jan

Pueblo Science hosts “Curious Kids Love Science!” at the University of Toronto

On Sunday January 22, Pueblo Science will be hosting its fourth “Curious Kids Love Science!” event in collaboration with the University of Toronto’s Family Sundays program at Hart House. The theme for this year’s event is Polymers, where kids will participate in hands-on science activities to learn about polymers. Activities will include slime making, DNA […]


30 Jul

Volunteer Experience: 2011 and 2012 Science Literacy Missions in the Philippines