Full STEAM Ahead

Join Pueblo Science’s Around The World Science team by participating in our in-class and after-school program: Full STEAM Ahead

In 2021, Pueblo launched vol 1 and 2 of our e-book: Around the World Science. The e-books contain a combined 32 experiments focused on topics ranging from environmental science and biology to physics and chemistry. All proceeds go towards our Canadian and international outreach programs that provide teacher training and improved STEM education to students.

Volunteer Roles

  • Teach grades 4 to 6 students in Ontario online by conducting STEAM related experiments
  • Market to grades 4 to 6 students to purchase the E-book and receive class

Volunteer Benefits

  • Developing teaching skills
  • Work with Pueblo Science’s marketing team to help develop your communication skills.
  • Increase awareness of STEAM among grades 4-6 students within your community , and beyond.
  • Help educate the next generation of scientists and engineers around the world!

“Overall, I have to thank Pueblo Science for shaping a large part of who I am today. My experiences with this organization are one part of what inspired me to get into Engineering. Seeing how Pueblo Science enables children to experience the same joy I had as a child makes me realize how I can help make positive changes. My relationship with Pueblo Science began years ago in elementary school and it’s one that I hope will continue.”

Russel Hassan

“Travelling to the Philippines for the RISE program has really given me a new perspective on the importance of science education. It made me realize how crucial the necessity for change and assistance is required in such low-resource communities. Additionally, with Pueblo Science’s immense efforts, I learned that there is still a need for greater awareness and support to promote a more solid and comprehensive science education in these communities for future generations.”

Soomin Lee