Kit Developer

Position Description:
The kit developers will lead the development and prototype construction of science and engineering kits that are respectful and relevant to the lives of children and youth in indigenous communities. These kits will be incorporated in a problem-based learning project, with emphasis on student engagement and experiential learning. The employee will have the opportunity to take a lead role in the entire process of new product development.

Responsibilities include weekly project progress report to the Director of Product Development, documentation, and beta testing in July-August during the Pueblo Science summer events. The successful applicant will also engage in material procurement and research low-cost, low-volume manufacturing. Furthermore, he/she will ensure product safety, compliance with all Canadian standards(various provinces) and curriculum relevance. Expected output includes working prototypes and complete education manuals ready for deployment in early 2019.

Qualifications: Must be a full time student in September, 2018
Number of Employees Needed: 2

Position Details:
When: July 2 –August 24, 2018
Compensation: 14$ per hour
Where: 60 St. George Street, Suite 331
Time: 30 hours per week, must attend weekly meeting
How to apply:
Please send resume and cover letter to: