Community Programs Coordinator

Position Description:
The coordinator will act as the program lead for Pueblo Science’s Community programs in Ontario. The program includes science festivals and outreach. The coordinator will develop the curriculum, create SOP’s for the program and initiate strategic partnerships to deliver the programs. The coordinator will have the following responsibilities:

  • Market the events to stakeholders
  • Support the grant writing team at Pueblo Science in creating proposals to support community programs
  • Prepare work plans and timeline for the project, updated weekly
  • Independently drive the project and regularly engage supervisors and peers for support and feedback
  • Participate in weekly progress meetings and deliver a final report and presentation at the end of contract
  • Maintain existing collaborations through regular communications with community contacts
  • Initiate new collaborations with other organizations in Canada

Qualifications: Must be a full time student in September, 2018
Number of Employees Needed: 1

Position Details:
When: July 2 –August 24, 2018
Compensation: 14$ per hour
Where: 60 St. George Street, Suite 331
Time: 30 hours per week, must attend weekly meeting
How to apply:
Please send resume and cover letter to: