Pueblo Science hosts events across Toronto and Saskatoon

The past several weeks have been very busy for Pueblo Science and its volunteers as they attended and organized a series of events in Saskatoon and across Toronto. Pueblo Science is an Impact Centre-based charity that is working to advance science education around the world. The second annual international conference for Science Technology Engineering and Math, also known as STEMfest, was held recently in Saskatoon. During the two-day event Pueblo Science engaged over 6,000 high school and elementary school students with hands-on activities in physics, chemistry, environmental studies, and physiology.

Celebrating creations at the intersection of science and art, Pueblo Science held its 3rd annual “Painting with Science” event as part of the national Culture Days weekend. Based at U of T’s Lash Miller Chemical Labs, a crowd of 60 children and their families came to explore a glow-in-the-dark room, watch exploding food colours in a bowl of milk, as well as make their very own rainbow in a test tube using different liquids with different densities.

Pueblo Science also partnered with the Chemical Institute of Canada and the Toronto Public Library to hold activities in two library branches as part of National Chemistry Week. The events, one in North York, and the other downtown, drew a crowd of nearly 100 people, children and adults alike, enjoying hands-on activities such as chromatography buttons, and watching a chemistry demonstration show which included the iodine clock reaction and the all-time favourite elephant toothpaste.

Looking ahead, in December the charity will partner with the Royal Canadian Institute for the Advancement of Science, where their hands-on activities will complement RCI councillor and Ontario Science Centre science educator Russell Zeid’s entertaining show. We are extremely grateful to STEMfest, the Canadian Institute of Chemistry and to all our volunteers for their support.

This article was published on the  Impact Center news