Volunteering at Pueblo Science Summer Camp

by Adrienn Goczi
Adrienn option 2Pueblo Science’s summer camp was truly an amazing and fun learning experience for me. I was a volunteer for all three sessions, 3-4 times per week. I got to work with a great and dynamic team, who created a welcoming and learning atmosphere for all campers. When I was younger, I attended several science camps in Toronto as well as Europe, but I found that Pueblo Science offers the most hands-on activities for this age group. The camp ran very smoothly, thanks to our great instructors, Andrea and Alon, who went over most of the experiments with us beforehand. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there are so many interesting and creative activities that only require only few simple, and easily accessible materials. I loved working with the children, and I am sure we have awoken their inner scientist! One thing that I really liked, and wished they did that more at school, is that the campers were given a lot of freedom to experiment around (not follow the procedure all the time, e.g.: change the required amount to see how it will change the outcome) and many tried to create their own version of the experiment. I can’t wait till next year’s camp again!

Adrienn-option-11-150x150About the author
Adrienn Goczi is a second year Biochemistry Student at the University of Toronto.