Liquid Nitrogen Cloud A Hit with Students at Hockey Game

UofT Varsity pictures and  event video!

Boiling hot water was poured on liquid nitrogen forming tall clouds of water droplets that slowly covered the entire ice rink. The visually stunning demo was part of the intermission show performed by Pueblo Science volunteers during a womens hockey game between the University of Toronto varsity and Ryerson University. The show held at the UofT varsity arena on October 3, 2013 was watched by 4000 TDSB and TCSB students .

“Thank you from UofT Varsity Blues! The seven science tables were always busy and your staff were enthusiastic about science and it showed. The first intermission show was spectacular! Bravo in getting all those kids to pay attention and react to your reactions. ” says Ivan Canette, organizer and coordinator for the event.

As part of their engaging science outreach program, Pueblo Science volunteers also showcased various science demos before and during the game. Among the activities that the students tried or watched include fire tornado, Van der Graff generator, lasers and phposphorescent screen, unmixing chamber, vanishing vial and mood patches!