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Pueblo Science makes science accessible to students in Philippine villages 

Pueblo Science conducted its third annual teachers’ training program in the Philippines from May 16 to 31, 2013. Three Philippine provinces were selected as sites for the workshops: Palawan, Davao and Masbate. A total of 290 teachers from various villages in each province were trained during the camp, potentially benefiting over 17,000 students this year alone! During each of the two-day training sessions, the teachers were taught how to run 12 fun experiments using locally sourced materials so they could be reproduced in even the most remote classrooms. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive: “Pueblo Science 2013 is an awesome science training camp for teachers because of the fun-filled educational experiments, hands-on activities and lectures which are very needed in Masbate due to our lack of science majors and lab facilities. Pueblo Science is an answer to science teachers’ needs for teaching the subjects.” – Edwin Returan, Masbate, Philippines

Three Canadian volunteers affiliated with the University of Toronto were joined by four local volunteers from the University of the Philippines. After the training, the volunteers were able to enjoy local hospitality, delicacies, and tourist attractions such as diving, beach hopping and wake boarding. “It was a great way to spend 2.5 weeks of my time, combining science, interactions with locals and giving back. Overall, it was a really fun and rewarding trip!” says Nari Kim, one of Pueblo Science volunteers, currently completing her PhD in UofT’s Department of Chemistry.

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