A world where all children can become part of the next generation of innovators.


Engage and inspire youth to pursue a lifelong interest in science and engineering.


Our Impact


Since our first international mission to the Philippines in 2011, we have developed over 150 new experiments, involved over 700 volunteers, trained 3 000 teachers and engaged 245 000 students. The experiments were developed to easily incorporate in local curriculum and the materials used are all locally available. Our members have done work in the Philippines, Thailand, Guyana, India and Bolivia.

In Ontario

Our monthly programs in Ontario, including Science on Ice, community events and science camps, have involved 500 volunteers and engaged 3 000 students and 1 800 families. Our community events are in partnership with the Toronto Public Libraries, Toronto community centres and the University of Toronto.


Immediate Impact of RISE Program

In 2014, 300 teachers attending our camp were surveyed for feedback immediately after the camp. 85% of of the teachers do not have science backgrounds, and are teaching science to 100 students, everyday. 100% agreed that the training was very useful in understanding science concepts that they will need to teach in class and that the activities will engage their students. 92% agreed to use the experiments they learned during the training in their classrooms within the next 12 months. 96% felt that after the training they will be able to develop new experiments on their own and 93% would like to attend another teacher’s training from Pueblo Science and will recommend the training to other teachers.


March 2016