Good Morning Science: Pueblo Fundraiser was a Success!

On Saturday November 10th, 2018, Pueblo Science hosted our annual Good Morning Science Fundraiser at the Intercontinental Centre. It was amazing to see many children, parents, supporters, and volunteers come together to support the advancement of science education.

The event engaged parents through inspirational speeches from speakers: Dr. Cynthia Goh, and Dr. Scott Browning, Professors in the Department Chemistry at the University of Toronto and Philippine Consul General Rosalita Prospero. Children and their parents were also able to participate in a wide variety of educational science activities including learning how to code, making your own lip balm, and to even making instant ice cream using liquid nitrogen. Each activity inspired children and even parents to appreciate the impact and importance of science.

As a volunteer at the event, I had the opportunity to help run the liquid nitrogen ice cream making station. Nitrogen is a chemical element that is essential to all life on earth and can be found in living organisms. Liquid nitrogen is extremely cold and is maintained at a very low temperature of around -196 degrees Celsius. Therefore, we were able to make instant ice cream in just about 5 minutes with the addition of some liquid nitrogen into a simple liquid ice cream batter while vigorously stirring to allow for the liquid nitrogen to freeze the liquid ice cream batter evenly. After, everyone got a chance to sample the ice cream that was made. The station was evidently a clear favorite among both children, parents, and volunteers as many came back again later for more. Although, I think we can all agree that you can never say no to ice cream!

The event ended off with a spectacular science magic show hosted by Leo Mui and his assistant Anji Zhang, who stole the hearts of our audience with scientifically magical tricks including their mysterious color changing liquid, to their disappearing water act. It was really great to see everyone involved and enjoying the show while learning about the simple science behind the tricks.

We would like to thank all of our attendees, volunteers, and organizers for helping us put together a successful event! Hope to see you next year!

This blog was written by Soomin Lee.