Game Developers

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Position Description:

This application developed during this internship is a game that targets the users of a wearable device that tracks the location and the air quality (particulate count, CO2, NOx, etc.). The intern will develop a mobile game (Unity based) that will engage users to gather data in as many locations as possible. The game will provide incentive to its users to take action and make positive changes for a better air quality in their communities. It is expected that the intern takes part into the design of the game by suggesting possible game concepts. The game will connect to a backend that performs the data acquisition and aggregation.

Qualifications: Computer Engineering or Science student

Number of Interns Needed – 2

Position Details:

When: May –August 2016

Where: 60 St. George Street, Suite 331

Time: flexible hours, must attend biweekly meeting with the product development team

How to apply:

Please fill out the online form below by May 1, 2016

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