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Position Description:

The interns will work together to develop a mobile application that gathers data from a wearable device that will be able to track the location and the air quality (particulate count, CO2, NOx, etc) around the user. The data will be sent to the University of the Philippines for environmental monitoring. The app will be easy and fun to use. The application must be cross-platform (IOS and Android), perform the actual Bluetooth connectivity with the sensor device and the data server, and have the option of storing locally sensor records in case the mobile device is temporarily offline. The app must also be developed in a modular fashion that separates the UI from the backend processing. Finally, the app shall be able to provide location information based on the mobile device’s capabilities.

Qualifications: Computer Engineering or Science student

Number of Interns Needed – 2

Position Details:

When: May –August 2016

Where: 60 St. George Street, Suite 331

Time: flexible hours, must attend biweekly meeting with the product development team

How to apply:

Please fill out the online form below by May 1, 2016

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