Science Kit Writer

We are looking for volunteers who will help develop science kits and create manuals. The kits and manuals will be used in 2019 Pueblo Science RISE (Rural Initiative for Science Education) programs. The manuals will be self-explanatory and will contain pedagogical techniques and tips for troubleshooting the experiments. RISE, offers professional development training for science teachers in rural schools around the world. Participating teachers are shown how they can include new experiments in their own classrooms and how the activities are relevant to their curriculum.

Qualifications: BSc or BASc graduate

Number of Volunteers Needed – 8

Position Details:

When: December 2018 – March 2019

Where: 60 St. George Street, Suite 331

Time: flexible hours, must attend monthly meeting with the product development team

How to apply:

Please fill out the online form below by November 30, 2018

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