Science in the Community

March 2018 Update: Since November 2017, we’ve reached 14 170 students in Ontario through this program. The most recent events were held at Regent Park and Hart House at the University of Toronto. Upcoming events will be held at Palmerston Public School (March 22) and Walpole Island (April 30-May 4).

August 2017 Update: We reached over 800 students in Ontario through this program from September 2016 to August 2017. We would like to do the same in 2018 and you can help us make that happen by DONATING today! We thank all our donors and fundraiser attendees!

Science in the Community

$4,000 of $4,000 raised
Personal Info

Donation Total: $20


My Project

I would like to organize three Science in the Community events from September 2017 to August 2018. Both events will be titled Chemistry Celebrations at the Library and they will run from 10 am to 4 pm. Scientists from Pueblo Science will volunteer and train youth on how to conduct the five science demos and five hands-on activities for the general public. Lab safety, safe handling on the household chemicals and teaching techniques will be included in the training. In the afternoon, the YAG group together with the scientists will deliver the demos and activities to 50 children and their families. Older and younger students will be engaged in an interactive and stimulating exploration of chemistry concepts. This event will be organized in collaboration with the University of Toronto and Toronto libraries.







Fundraising Target

A fund raising goal of $4,000 is needed for us to provide at least 4 Science in the Community events in Ontario.

Date and Location of Training

The Science in the Community events will be held in September  2017 to August 2018  around Ontario, (Yonge and Dundas square, libraries, community centres, schools and universities)

Creating scientists with leadership skills

Our Science in the Community event aims not only to encourage young students to appreciate science but also to help them develop leadership skills. We show older students how exciting science is and then train them how to deliver these activities to the public. These students can apply these skills to further work with scientists in researching and creating science kits, which will then be used to engage the public with science.

Who Am I?

IMG_1110My name is Shermaine Li and I am Pueblo Science’s coordinator for the Science in the Community program. I am passionate about bringing my research into society and teaching science to children in a creative and accessible way. I have volunteered for many of Pueblo Science’s programs in the GTA including the Science for Syrians, Hart House Family Sundays and Science on Ice. The impact from those experiences was simply amazing! I am very excited to coordinate these events and be able to help shape up our future researchers!

I received my Hon. B.Sc. in Chemistry and Physiology from University of Toronto and currently pursuing my M. Sc. in Chemistry.



Where Your Donation Goes

Cost ($) Quantity Total ($)
Materials for demos 100 10 1,000
Materials for 10 hands-on activities 100 10 1,000
Experiment development 100 10 1,000
Printing of manuals 0.05 400 200
Volunteer shirts 5 60 300
Program development cost 500 1 500
Total Project Cost $4,000

My Impact

The two Science in the Community events will engage over 1,000 students and their parents in science. We expect the following outcomes for the public event:

  • Students learn that science is fun and relevant to everyday life.
  • Students are encouraged to do their own experiments at home with their parents.
  • Students share and teach their experiments to their friends and classmates
  • Students start and join science clubs and camps