Pueblo Science paints with science

On what turned out to be a surprisingly warm last weekend of September, Pueblo Science held its second annual “Painting with Science” event in conjunction with the national Culture Days Weekend. A team of 16 volunteers demonstrated 7 activities that combined science and art in interesting ways. The event attracted over 100 curious participants of all ages. Activities included separating dyes in coloured markers to create colourful “flowers” and adding soap to a plate of milk and food colouring to “explode” the colours into mesmerizing patterns.

“We wanted to let people appreciate the activities for their beauty as well as their underlying scientific merit,” said Alon Eisenstein, the event organizer. “Events such as this one are part of our efforts to engage the public with science activities to share our understanding of nature. Explaining why things look and behave the way they do, we can teach the general public the basics of the scientific method as well as some scientific terminology. This is all part of what we consider to be science literacy, which we believe to be important to everyone.”

This article was published at the Impact Center Newsletter and the event was also mentioned by CBC Metro Morning.